Lyn and I have decided to write to you to formalise our comments in regard to the construction of our home. This is not the norm for us to do this, but we feel that a letter of appreciation is warranted.

To say that we are delighted is an understatement. We believe that we are quite demanding in what we wished to achieve with this house – probably from the experience of having built eleven homes before in a number of different cities. However that aside, our major concern was quality. Your building firm displayed a very high level of quality. The workforce, the attention to detail, the planning, and the finished product, are without doubt very, very good. This is of course not achievable without superb organisational skills and knowledge.

Perhaps the best measure of the quality of the workmanship is that six months down the track we cannot find anything that needs attention, or that requires to touch up or repair. Thus the attention to detail during the construction phase was quite outstanding. Once again Carl and Jill thank you. We wish you both every success in your business.